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★ ★ Awards and Publications ★ ★

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Nature Nurturers

  • Are you a lonely conservationists in need of some collaboration?
  • Are you struggling to get through those tough times and make ends meet?
  • Are you tired of all the beurocratic process that comes with working in a not for profit organisation?
  • Are you wanting to just have the freedom to vent and be heard?
  • Are you having emotional outbursts that are affecting the people around you?
  • Are you trying to escape and numb out from the pain and struggle that comes with working in the not for profit sector?
  • Are you dealing with multiple egos and personalities that clash with yours?
  • Are you fed up with not being valued and having to volunteer or not get paid enough for the work you are doing?
  • Are you wanting to make a difference in the world?
  • Are you wanting to follow your passion saving species from extinction and mitigating climate change?
  • Are you thinking about leaving the conservation sector and trying something else?
  • Are you working really hard but feel the need to do more?
  • Are you feeling guilty about your environmental impact on the planet?
  • Thinking of jumping off the nearest cliff?


I can tick all the above boxes, having been a conservationist for 30+ years.
But don’t despair.
The world needs you and YOU are not alone!
You don’t have to do this alone.

And even though I’ve had my fair share of challenges my husband Jim and I have managed to create a world leading conservation program that has been acknowledged by Jane Goodall and David Attenborough. I have been awarded the Future for Nature Award and Australian Geographic Conservationist of the year with my husband and the Telstra Business Women’s Award for social and purpose enterprise.

How would you like it if I was there with you? To have your back, support and inspire you to make the difference you want to make?

In this monthly coaching program you will:

  • Keep your spirits up. Learn tried and tested ways of keeping the fire in the belly burning.
  • Save yourself years of heartache and trial and error by learning what works from someone who has been there and done it.
  • Join a loving and supportive community that can hold you when you’re down, listen to you when you need to vent and cheer you on and celebrate your success.
  • Learn how to secure the grants you need to fund your projects and take them to the next level.

When: Thursday evenings
29th September – Free Introductory event
27th October – Turning Anger into Passion
24th November – Embracing Eco-grief
15th December – Anxiety coping skills

Monthly topics may change depending on the group dynamics. 

Where: Online via zoom

Time: 7 – 9 pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time AEST – Brisbane no daylight savings)

Investment: $47 – $97 or apply for a scholarship (Form coming soon)

Lunch: BYO

Tickets: Link coming soon

For the next four months, join award winning conservationist Jean Thomas for a deep dive into invaluable insights and tips on how to overcome the struggles we face working in the conservation, animal and nature sector.

We will look at our personal issues learning how to build resilience, emotional intelligence and compassion for conservation issues around the world. We will also use the collective wisdom of the group to brainstorm and analyse conservation strategy, techniques and other topics the group wants to discuss.

This is a collaborative coaching program with full participation and sharing of ideas. You will experientially learn and address the heart of the issues we face in the conservation sector. Over time you will develop the skills and knowledge you need to cope with the hard times and move through frustrations, anxiety and eco-grief with more ease.

Anyone who works with the natural world in any capacity is welcome to come along but boots on the ground people will benefit most from Jeans 30+ years of experience working in the field of conservation.

Jean Thomas is a multi-award winning conservationists with a life long career spanning more than 30 years in animal technology, zoo keeping, education and integrated conservation and development project management. Jean is the Chief Operating Officer of the Tenkile Conservation Alliance Papua New Guinea, and has lead 50 villages towards rainforest protection to save the critically endangered Tenkile and Weimang tree kangaroos from extinction. She is a qualified teacher, breathwork practitioner and Thrive Life Coach. Jean is passionate about training and capacity building “soft skills” in order to increase our ability to change the world and make a difference.



Goal Setting Workshop

  • Want to start the new year with a bang, stay motivated and on track to achieve your goals this year?
  • Ever wondered why your new years resolutions don’t last?
  • Do you find you are really motivated one day and then flat as a tack the next?
  • Do you have lots of goals you want to achieve but lack direction and clarity?
  • Do you feel stuck and struggle just to get out of bed?
  • Are you not sure what you want to do with your life and need more focus?
  • Do you wish you had a support person to help you through those times when it gets too hard?

If you can relate to any of the above then this workshop is for you. This one-day workshop is designed to give you time out from your everyday life to reflect and really listen to your hearts desires. When you set your goals from your heart and start living your true passion, you will be on the road to genuine success! 

Find your passion this year – it’s time.


Jean Thomas - Goal Setting Workshop 2021

When: Saturday 20th February, 2021

Where: Startup Tablelands Hub next to Destiny Church

Time: 9am until 4pm

Investment: $47 + $3 if you bring a friend

Lunch: BYO


This workshop is capped at 30 people due to COVID so book in early.

In this workshop you will:

  • Take time to reflect and set goals from the heart to discover your true passion!
  • Be inspired by Jeans story of struggle and success during almost two decades of working and living in remote Papua New Guinea
  • Learn about emotional intelligence and how mastering your emotions is key for greater success
  • Discover what is holding you back and clear any emotional blocks so you can move forward
  • Discover new strategies and techniques to set goals and stay on track
  • Receive additional links and information to keep you inspired
  • Be given an opportunity to meet new people and surround yourself in a supportive group

My name is Jean Thomas and I have been living and working in the remote rainforest communities in Papua New Guinea for nearly two decades (  During this time I have had to overcome many struggles and hardships including learning to live without my family, raising a child in isolation, no communication, no power, no flushing toilet, walking for hours on end and frequent bouts of malaria. This experience has provided me with opportunities for deep personal growth and development but also resulted in many conservation awards and accolades. I would like to share with you the secrets to my success to assist you on your personal journey.  I do hope you can join me.

Phone: 0400 826 330


Jean along with 19 other Future for Nature Award winning conservationists spoke with over 150 students from around The Netherlands on October 26th at Burgers Zoo in Arnhem to talk about nature conservation.

Breathe Workshop Yungaburra QLD

On Saturday October 26th, we have the pleasure of welcoming 20 Future For Nature Award winners in Royal Burger’s Zoo in Arnhem to talk about nature conservation. During this very special event, you will have the unique opportunity to get to know them, learn from them, be inspired by them (maybe inspire them too!) and join forces for the protection of nature???!
The programme for this afternoon consists of 2 parts. The first part is a plenary panel discussion in which we will all discuss conservation, sustainability & biodiversity. Not only do you get to listen to the views of the winners on these topics, you will also have the chance to share your ideas and opinions with the rest of the audience?? During this discussion, we’re all conservationists?!

After the plenary discussion in the auditorium, the VIPs are invited to participate in workshops, together with the Future For Nature Award winners. During the workshop, you will join a cozy group of your own choice and there will be room for everyone to exchange ideas and learn from each other. Each group will cover a special theme. We will end the day with drinks??? where you can chat and network with the Future For Nature Award Winners and other VIP participants.

Programme of the afternoon:
12:30-13:00 Walk-in
13:00-14:00 Plenary panel discussion with Future For Nature Award winners
14:15-16:30 Workshops
16:30-17:30 Drinks

Registration for the VIP places are CLOSED!

If you can’t attend the entire programme but like to be part of the plenary panel discussion (12:30-14:00), you still can without being a VIP! In that case you have to register via: Note that this registration is only for the panel discussion and does not include your ticket to Burgers’ Zoo.









Do you want to let go of what is holding you back? Do you want to know more about emotional intelligence? Do you want to just be yourself? Come along to Yungaburra and experience a breathe on Sunday 26th November.

To register and get more information on this event, select the DETAILS tab above.

Download PDF flyer.

Breathe Workshop Yungaburra QLD

Jean will be facilitating a group breathe workshop. In this one day event you will experience a breathe in a supportive and safe environment with practitioner Jean Thomas. During this transformative workshop you will experience:

  • What is emotional intelligence
  • Discover what is holding you back
  • Let go of the past & transform
  • Create new steps forward in your life


Flow Chiropractic & Wellness
11 Harper Ave
QLD 4884

This workshop link is limited to only ten people. Secure your place – REGISTER NOW.

“The breathe blew my mind. Never felt so much power before.”
Tarrin – Relationship Manager

“If you are a miserable rock, then a small crack can open up to who you really are. Jean can help you find a way out of the rock.”
Adam Permaculture Farmer

“I found the breathe an easy, gentle and natural process that helps you let go of limitations and old beliefs with great support from Jean.”
Michelle – HR and Marketing Manager

“This workshop is so helpful for anybody who is too busy to stop and remember to breath, which is so prevalent in today’s world.”

“This was the most powerful experience I have had in al the work and practices I have done. Deep breath is like breathing in fire. It re-kindles the heart and clear it of all debris.”
Michelle Environmental educator and Gypsy

“Jean lead an amazing session. Extremely supportive in their session and knowledgeable. The whole experience was amazing and satisfying.”

“This Breathe Workshop was not what I expected. It was so fantastic. I will recommend it to everyone.”
Catherine Farmer

“This Breathe Workshop has changed my life.”
Charlotte Chiropractor


Do you have a dream? Do you want some effective tools to make it happen? Come along to ignite your passion on Sunday 30th July, 2017.

Goal Setting Workshop image

Do you have a dream? Do you want some effective tools to make it happen?

In this workshop you will:

  • Be guided through a process to ignite your passion and listen to your heart so you have the energy you need to get things done and achieve more over the next year
  • Take time to reflect and reassess your goals for the next financial year
  • Learn proven success strategies from award winning conservationist
  • Hear Jean Thomas’ story of struggle and success during a decade of working and living in Papua New Guinea which is sure to light a fire in your belly
  • Leave the workshop with a clear vision and pathway to achieving your goals for both business and pleasure
  • One of the biggest challenges in trying to achieve what we want in life is dealing with overwhelm. Overwhelm can be debilitating. It stops you in your tracks and leads to wanting to give up. I experienced this just two days ago. I am currently painting a newly renovated space to make way for a bed and breakfast. I was exhausted, at my wits end and just didn’t feel I had any energy to keep going. I wanted it done yesterday, putting more and more pressure on myself pushing through the fatigue and the physical pain. I was totally feeling the stress of getting it done
  • It wasn’t until I said to myself “you are not going to get this done accept it”. I surrendered into the acceptance until I came to peace. This happened in an instant. The full weight of what was previously on my shoulders lifted and I felt renewed energy to keep on going. Miraculously I completed the task with a smile on my face and had to chuckle at the contrasting emotions I was feeling at the situation. Emotional Intelligence is key to getting what you want in life. You will learn more about this during my ignite your passion workshop. Please join me.

Did you know that you are 80% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down? That’s what this workshop is all about – getting clear about what you want, write it down, make a plan and take action.

Investment is $97 / person and you can bring a friend for $3.

Lunch, old magazines to cut up, notebook

River Song Retreat
289 Mullins Road
Millaa Millaa, QLD 4886

“Great practical skills for fin-tuning my life through focused goal setting. Love the tools and the process of using them.”
Tim – Chiropractor

“I really enjoyed Jean’s laid back approach and flexibility to accommodate people from all ages and walks of life in order that we maximize our learning experience.”
Neil – Infopreneur

“This workshop has given me everything I needed practically and emotionally in order to be able to identify what my goals actually are.”
Charlotte – Chiropractor

“Jean delivered a refreshing workshop. A much needed moment in time to reflect, assess and uncover my passions.  I learnt the importance of writing down and planning my life so as to be confidently travelling towards goals, dreams, desires and how emotional intelligence can make this journey more graceful. Thank-you Jean”
Hayley – Small Business Owner

“Jean’s coaching day was very inspiring. The day was full of great ideas. She presented in a way that has encouraged me to be very keen to set and achieve my goals. Thank-you Jean”
Sophie – Nurse

“Jean is a  super inspiring, kind and gentle coach. I like the way she can convey an emotive side to goal setting along with hands on practical takeaways.”
Jess – Community Engagement Officer